Steps to becoming an IFA

Join IFA via the IFA App and DebiCheck

Watch the IFA Digital Presentation to understand how the IFA Business Opportunity works.

You can access the Digital Presentation on the IFA YouTube page or watch the presentation your Digital Presenter sent you.

Ask questions if you need to know more, your Digital Presenter is there to assist you. This Digital Manual also contains all the information you need before signing up.

Join IFA via the IFA App. This is your first step towards becoming a successful IFA.

Choose the right product for you and your family.
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As part of the application process, you will be required to DebiCheck your monthly debit order.

It’s crucial to watch the IFA digital presentation to make sure you understand how IFA works.

Invite, Meet and Follow-Up


Every person you know and meet is someone you can share the IFA Digital Presentation with. Your prospects must be enthusiastic, positive and willing to work hard.


To be successful in IFA you must meet and connect with your prospects and team regularly. Meeting with your team digitally or in person allows you to manage your team better and ensure that they working hard to grow the business.


A good Introducer follows up with their team every week and encourages them to meet targets and achieve bonuses. Make sure they are doing what you’re doing and inviting new prospects every day.

Build your business with 2, 5 and 10

Start by introducing 2 people to the business, these people are called Key Appointments.
As soon as your 2 Key Appointments DebiCheck and pay their monthly payments in the same month, you will be rewarded with your first Bonus, the ALL STAR Bonus, where you can earn R300 or more.
Increase your 2 Key Appointments to 5 and become an Earner!
Build your team to 5 Key Appointments by introducing another 3 Key Appointments. Once you have introduced 5 Key Appointments who pay their monthly payments in the same month, you qualify as an IFA Earner.
Now that you have 5, double your success by building your 1st Level to 10 Key Appointments.
10 Key Appointments is your next goal in IFA. 10 Key Appointments who pay their monthly payments and have a DebiCheck mandate in place is your entry to earning the many clubs available in IFA.
Don’t stop at 10. The more quality Key Appointments you introduce, the more successful you will be.

Start Earning Monthly

Now that you have built your team of 5 Key Appointments and they pay their monthly payment in the same month and have an active DebiCheck Mandate you will have reached your next step to become a regular earner and earn monthly.

Earning for you doesn’t stop there, when your Key Appointments introduce IFAs below them, you are rewarded for their efforts too. You are rewarded on 6 Levels for the efforts of your team (downline).

Join the Club

Being part of the IFA Clubs earns you more for your commitment, hard work and consistency and it shows your downlines that you’re serious about earning extra income and encourages them to do the same. There are currently 31 IFA Clubs and 26 Platinum Clubs you can qualify for, starting with Club 10, which pays R175 every month.

Support your team

The IFA Business Opportunity gives you all the resources you need to successfully run your business. These resources are available when you pay a Business Fee of R120 per month. All IFAs are required to pay this fee.

IFA Digital Presentation and the IFA App:
A dynamic duo in signing up new quality IFAs.

Events & recognition:
Certain IFA events that recognise top IFAs and keep IFAs informed.

Exciting bonuses, incentives and competitions:
This is the cherry on the top for your hard work and helps you structure and earn as you grow your IFA Business.

Online Training programmes via Zoom:
Designed for IFAs who need support and guidance.

Marketing materials:
A valuable range of materials and clothing items to help you create awareness and represent the IFA business.

Video Resources:
A number of digital video resources such as the IFA Digital Presentation available on the IFA YouTube page.