Clientèle Wealth Plan

The Clientèle Wealth Plan is a savings plan that gives you the opportunity to invest on a monthly basis with a trusted partner that has your best interests at heart. With a minimum premium of R300 per month over 20 years, this is a top class investment plan.

Investment %
Entry Age: 18 – 54

Initial Monthly Premium Percentage Invested*
R300 – R400 90.0%
R401 – R500 92.5%
> R501 95.0%

Earnings Guarantee Benefit
Upon an IFA’s death or total and permanent disability, a lump sum equal to 12 months’ IFA earnings, as per the month prior to the claim event, is paid. In addition, a premium equal to the last monthly earnings earned will be paid every month for 2 years thereafter. If this is your first product, the first R22 of your premium will cover the cost of the Earnings Guarantee Benefit.

Investment Booster
Provided no claim or surrender has been submitted in the relevant period: Last 120 Earnings Guarantee Benefit premiums paid are added to your investment account after each 120 Earnings Guarantee Benefit premiums are paid.

Inflation Protection
Built in annual increases protect your policy from the effects of inflation: premium increases by 10% annually.