Clientèle Funeral Plans

With both individual and family options, covering your spouse and up to 3 children and 8 extended family members, Clientèle lifts the burden of cost and brings you or your family peace of mind during bereavement.

If you take out cover of R50,000 we will pay the full R50,000 to the beneficiaries PLUS we will pay back every single cent paid on the policy for that insured life (not applicable for children and extended family). The benefit will be paid on a valid death claim.

Additional Exclusive Funeral Benefits For IFAs

  • Funeral assistances service to advise and assist you in arranging a reliable undertaker, casket, venue, catering, printing, flowers and tombstone.
  • Discounts at reputable partners on car hire and Intercape transport.
  • Grief counselling and emotional support you need after losing a loved one. Repatriation of mortal remains if the body must be moved for burial.

    For assistance with these additional benefits, please call 0860 320 333.

The value difference between the Clientèle Funeral Dignity Plan and the Clientèle Ultimate Dignity Plan.

The example below is based on an IFA who is 32 years old and takes R30,000 Individual Cover in 2021. It is based on an active IFA at death; with all premiums and IFA Business Fees paid during this period and based on a 6% annual increase in benefit, a 10% annual increase in premiums and an appropriate increase in IFA Business Fees.

All IFA Business Fee paying IFAs have access to additional funeral related benefits from Europ Assistance.

Clientèle Funeral
Dignity Plan

If you purchased a Clientèle Funeral Dignity Plan, your beneficiary would receive R50,684.37 (if they claim after 10 years).

Clientèle Ultimate Dignity Plan Benifit


pay back

If you have purchased a Clientèle Ultimate Dignity Plan and paid all of your monthly payments, your beneficiary will receive R108,632.84 (if they claim after 10 years).

Clientèle Ultimate Dignity Plan Benifit


pay back
fee pay

Because you are an IFA and have purchased a Clientèle Ultimate Dignity Plan, your beneficiary will receive R125,683.03 (if they claim after 10 years).

(the cover amount with increases PLUS all the premiums paid PLUS all the IFA Business Fees paid from the date of commencement of the Clientèle Ultimate Dignity Plan).